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The Good Word

“Todd Wood and his wife Andrea Wood make a great team”
S. Garg
“Everyday my wife tells me ‘I can’t believe we get to live in this house'”
I. and J. Han
“We found the folks of Castlewood to be amiable, approachable, prompt and most importantly, upstanding”
“Amazing attention to details and construction quality”
S. and L. Lucas
“You listened to our ideas, gave us your expert advice and helped us bring our vision to reality”
V. and D. Swaroop
“Friends can’t believe it when we tell them that building a house was a wonderful stress-free experience”
M. and L. Edberg
“They listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us build our dream house”
S. Garg
From the start of the building process, Castlewood was very flexible and informative
L. Epstein

Full Customer Testimonials

Todd Wood and his wife Andrea Wood make a great team – I would say they are the dream team. They listened carefully to what we wanted and helped us build our dream house. While Todd spent several hours turning our thoughts on the basic architecture into a CAD/CAM presentation that the architect could use (and saved us several thousand dollars), and continued to provide invaluable guidance on the structure and design of house and the hardscapes, Andrea was an invaluable source of advise on all interior design related choices. She guided us on a daily basis making sure we kept to our schedule. Both of them had a very practical approach that helped us make the right choices for the money we were spending. Always very responsive and conscious of the budget we were working with.
S. Garg
Andrea and Todd; you did an amazing job with the construction and completion of this house. I value your willingness to please Iris and David with their new home wish list. I also recognize your efforts and flexibility on completing the house sooner than planned which enabled them to meet their interest locking obligation deadline. Your design ability as well as your attention to details are evident; the house looks amazing. Thank you for making my job easier by taking a lot on yourself.

For sure, without hesitation, I would recommend you personally to other home buyers who would ever need a good quality house and the kind of high-value customer service you provide.

Carmen Fontecilla, Weichert Realtors
I am finally forwarding this on. Thank you for all you are doing to help us settle in and get our former house ready to sell. I’m hoping I don’t drive any of you completely nuts by the time it’s all done! πŸ™‚ We love the house – it truly is beautiful!

With thanks.

S. Pantzer
Thank you for the beautiful house you have built for us. Everyday my wife tells me ” I can’t believe we get to live in this house.” We love every detail from the arts and crafts moulding to the gorgeous stone sitting in the backyard.

Every member of the Castlewood team was a pleasure to work with. It is clear that the Castlewood way is to provide the best customer experience, and that shows through every member of your team. Your construction supervisor, John Whitney, did an amazing job getting our house built on time, while attending to all of our construction concerns. Andrea, you were committed to our customer satisfaction every step of the way and went above and beyond our expectations. You responded immediately to all of our questions and made sure to follow up on all of our concerns.

We have and will continue to recommend you to all of our friends who are looking to build a custom home of their own.

I. and J. Han
Thank you for your incredible attention to detail and working with me on everything! We really enjoyed working with you and Todd (and John and Rachel and everyone else, as well) and are incredibly happy in our beautiful home. Please do stop in anytime you are walking past!
L. Klepper
The home we purchased is absolutely beautiful – we have now lived there nearly two months and continue to find small details I love – the mouldings, the wooden inset vents, the thoughtful placements of lights, the unique floorplans… Also , visitors ” in the business” comment on the craftsmanship of the home. We found the folks of Castlewood to be amiable, approachable, prompt and most importantly, upstanding.John has responded to all of our calls within minutes always with quick and thoughtful arrangement to take care of the issue. Todd and Andrea and the whole Castlewood team exhibit professionalism and dedication to a quality product and home-buyer experience!
We just want to thank all of you for doing such a beautiful job on our home. We absolutely love every inch of it, and cannot wait to move in tomorrow. Thank you for being patient with us as we made all of our selections over the past year. We’re so excited, and can’t wait to be in our first house!

Thanks so much!

Sabrina, Ben, and Devin, Cayuga I
The entire Castlewood family has been truly exceptional to work with and has transformed a vision into our absolute dream home! Γ‚ The house has exceeded our expectations with the amazing attention to details and construction quality. Andrea, Todd, John, Mike, Steve, Timmy, Rachel, and all of the wonderful subcontractors were always attentive and professional. Γ‚ As there are many options in the area, Castlewood is THE ONLY builder to work with and I am proud to call them our friends and family.

We look forward to working on our next project together!

S. & L. Lucas
We can’t say enough about Castlewood Consulting. From the start of the building process, Castlewood was very flexible and informative. At each step they worked with us- from getting the correct permits and contracts to choosing door knobs, tile and floor coloring, from teardown to all phases of construction- and worked within our means to produce a spectacular house.

The Castlewood team sees each construction project as if it were their own and was not satisfied unless the job was completed to their own high standards

We feel as if we’re now part of the Castlewood family and love the house they built for us.

L. Epstein
Thank you so much for the beautiful house you built for us. We have now lived in the house for three months, and every day has been a joy! We were anxious about undertaking this big task of designing and building our dream home, but you listened to our ideas, gave us your expert advice and helped us bring our vision to reality. Thank you so much for helping us every step of the way and ensuring that the whole process moved smoothly form start to finish. The house is everything we wanted and more.

It is amazing to us that you completed the entire project — from demolition of the old house to rebuilding the new house in six short months. Nothing could deter your remarkable and hardworking crew from delivering our new house a few months ahead of schedule- not rain, not freezing temperatures and not even the excessive snow we had in Washington this year. I especially want to recognize your subcontractor Jose’ and construction supervisor Dwayne for their sincerity, dedication, hard work and accessibility, They were always willing to answer questions and explain to us the technical aspects of home building.

Over these past few months, Deepa and I have had a chance to work very closely with both of you and I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure. Todd’s easy going nature and flexible attitude made us feel very comfortable discussing anything with him, and Andrea’s attention to detail and eye from design really made the end product turn out better than we imagined.

V. & D. Swaroop
Castlewood has it figured out as a builder – taking care of the customer before, during, and after building a home. We really appreciated the consultative approach from Todd, Andrea, and Dwayne in each step of the process of building a custom home. From finding the right neighborhood, the house design, construction/options, to the punch list follow-up, Castlewood followed through on their commitments. We are pleased with the quality of the construction, materials, contractors, and final product. In addition the administrative support from Rachel on items such as change orders, confirmations, and meetings during the process was exceptional. I’d recommend Castlewood for a job well done.
A. & J. Hosker
Friends can’t believe it when we tell them that building a house was a wonderful stress-free experience. … Since the time we first met, and including the selection of our home lot, you actively listened to us throughout the entire process; starting with our design ideas and continuing through to our desire to incorporate green building ideas and additional storage space. … The house was completed earlier than expected, but with the care and consideration to detail one would expect from a builder. … Most importantly, our house feels like home. Our unique home! … We want to thank you again for building our dream home. It was enjoyable working with you.
M. & L. Edberg