Purchasing a home is an exciting, yet stressful endeavor, which is understandable given that for most of us, our homes represent our single-most-valuable asset! Add to the mix any issues related to home inspections and financing and you have yourself a potential pressure cooker. Building a custom home adds even more layers to the normal home-purchase scenario, so much so, that many consider it to be a process so daunting that they cannot imagine themselves ever doing such a thing.

But, as with most life experiences, removing the “mystery” from the equation goes a long way toward reducing (or even eliminating) one’s natural fears. This is why a big part of Castlewood’s mission is to demystify the custom home-building process, and help our clients “enjoy the ride” in creating their ultimate personal living space. We pride ourselves in a clearly and simply stated 7 step process to building your dream home. With that goal in mind, let’s get started!

We’re hear to expertly guide you through the 7 step Castlewood Process. Simply click FORWARD to walk step by step forward, starting with the first step – the consult phase!