process-constructionAfter all permits have been obtained Castlewood will commence construction. On average, construction of a new home takes 6 to 8 months. The variation in time depends on the size of your house, specific selections and design, and the weather. During this phase, we like to get our homeowners very involved to ensure they are informed and feel very comfortable throughout the entire building process. After all, custom homes are just that “custom,” and we want them to be exactly as you want them! Castlewood will review everything from window placement to electrical receptacle needs throughout the process to guarantee the quality of your home. A summary of the steps during the course of the construction phase are listed below.

  1. Demo, clearing and excavation
  2. Footings and foundation installation.
  • House framing and roof installation
  1. Window and door installation
  2. Mechanical installation
    1. Heating and Air Conditioning rough in
    2. Plumbing rough in
    3. Electrical rough in
    4. Sprinkler rough in
    5. Audio and Alarm rough in
  3. Insulation
  • Drywall/Close in
  • Exterior finish
  1. Tile, Interior trim, Millwork and Cabinetry installation
  2. Painting
  3. Flooring
  • Exterior concrete, patio and driveway installation.
  • Sodding and Landscaping
  • Inspections and Use and Occupancy Approvals
  1. Walk through and Final Settlement.